Julia Tutko-Balena

Writer, Director, Actor, Programmer, Podcast Host

Julia practicing guitar!


First and foremost, Julia is a writer. Her first poems and short stories will probably never see the light of day, but she started scratching them into a notebook at age 12. She's since written dozens of books and scripts and is about to release her first book publicly later this year.

Julia also currently maintains several blogs (see the Blogs tab), ranging from topics like funny and random poetry to the trials and tribulations of trying a Paleo diet. 

A day when she doesn't write is a day she feels is lost!!


Julia's acting career started in high school with several theatre performances. Julia still sets out on stage as a member of the Polish Amateur Theatre of Boston for over 11 years. 


Julia has also become involved with the Independent Film community in Boston and Portland, appearing in front of the camera several times and working behind the camera even more frequently.

She's currently planning the release party/networking event for her first film as a director. "The Waiter" will be coming out later this month!


Julia has recently discovered podcasting. She started cohosting a show called "SMARTS" with her then-boyfriend-now-husband, Trevor Balena, where every week they chat about comics related news and tv show developments.

Julia is also the host of a new podcast called "How You Say?", a five minute weekly show where she teaches the listener how to say something funny or amusing in Polish. "How You Say?" already has several hundred listeners from all across the globe!


Photographer: Konrad Zalewski

Location: Polish Amateur Theatre of Boston