Julia Tutko-Balena

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The Breakfast Epiphany

I realized the other morning, that as healthy as my breakfasts are, I can't say that they are Paleo! On a typical day, I will have one of three or four different types of breakfasts. Here's a list of my most popular three meals, and what they consist of:

1) Oatmeal with cranberry and walnuts. No milk, no sugar, I like it just like this. I get the plain cut oats from the grocery store, and toss in some dried cranberries for sweet tartness and walnuts for sweet crunchiness. It's low in calories (my mug gives me 150 calorie portion) and it fills me up for a good few hours. 

Now, oatmeal is quite the debate in the Paleo community. I addressed the details in my paleo adventures blog the first time around, but the short story is that it's a grain, grown by man, and even has some similarities to wheat that staunch Paleo followers frown upon. Others, however, say that it CAN occur in nature, and it doesn't have the same elements that grains have, so it should be allowed. But, the general consensus is that unless I go for a certified gluten-free oatmeal (which I don't), I really can't even begin to argue on the side that my beloved oatmeal meal is Paleo. *sigh*

2) Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Wheat bread and peanut butter. I know, I know. But it's SO GOOD. :-/

3) Eggs and veggies. This one's tricksy! I sometimes go for an omelette configuration, which means adding a splash of milk to the beaten eggs (for fluff), and sometimes, I want some cheese on that omelette. Other times, I feel like having a small stir fry next to some sunny-side-up eggs. So, it's interesting now to be conscious of when I break Paleo and when I play by the rules...


It's interesting to know when I break Paleo and when I stick to it. I thought for sure that most of my breakfasts are actually Paleo. Especially since I don't typically have bread or milk in a given day. But now I find that those occasional treat breakfast days are a bit more frequent than I thought! The oatmeal is my top contender. Oof!

There's my breakfast epiphany. 

And if that's so of breakfast, then what about my other meals?

Hmm. Time to do a comprehensive inventory...