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Rules Refresher

I had to refresh my own mind as to what the rules of keeping a Paleo diet are. I wrote them in my first blog entry a couple years ago if you're interested, but here's the basic breakdown:

What you CAN'T eat:

  • grains (including oatmeal (for the most part))
  • breads (unless you made it from a Paleo recipe! yay, loophole!)
  • any type of alcohol (unless they're apple based, like ciders)
  • all legumes (that means peanuts, too!)
  • junk food, sodas (which, well, duh)
  • all processed sugars
  • all packaged/pre-made desserts & meals -- basically, anything that comes out of a box or bag
  • all dairy
  • all non-nut oils, vegetable oils, and mixed or mystery oils (what the heck is 'canola' anyway?)

What you CAN eat:

  • vegetables
  • meats
  • eggs
  • fruits
  • nuts
  • coffee (black - and thank the Lord), tea, water
  • coconut oil, olive oil & some nut oils.

(This site has more details if you like.)


So those are the rules of the diet. That is a SHORT list of allowed foods!!

The holidays are coming up. HA! This is going to be rough!